Drummond Harwood

Crafting effective brand experiences, interfaces, print material and more.

Kuyatryk is a Danish online printer. Work includes brand identity, web platform interface and UX, and marketing materials. The 'Kuya' Mask mark and identity is crafted around a strong link with the Phillipines, namely portraying extensive charity work including tree planting projects to offset the environmental destruction caused by years of deforestation associated with print.
Branding, UI, UX, Web, Print design, Marketing
Brightsparks Training Manual
Vibrant manuals for new recruits to use in training sessions. Large, punchy typography and a vibrant palette not only aligns with company brand values, but helps make monotonous training sessions more engaging and effective at communicating vital policies, practices and key health and safety information. Additionally serves as an on-the-job manual for employees to reference for help in particular situations. For example, what to do in the event of emergencies, how to handle food safely and hygienically, and how to assist customers as per company policy.
Print design, Typography
In the industrial marshlands of outer North London, the Ecopark complex features prominently on the landscape. Designed in the 70s, within its brutalist shell this facility handles the city's waste disposal by incineration. This branding proposal explores utilising branding to create transparency and promote education in controversial industries.
Branding, Proposal, Print design
STERUX Hygiene
A new entry into the industrial hygiene and sanitation market, this is a small company with big aspirations looking to work with large customers including public sector local authorities, factory premises, and business owners. This clean and crisp no nonsense brand, crafted to promote the key value of cleanliness, is designed to carry this company along its rapid expansion and join to compete with the very largest and most established competitors.
Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design
Public information interfaces
We envisage how to combine the latest technology with user experience design to produce useful public information interfaces on transportation systems.
Exploration, UI, UX, Transport design
Bracknell brand
Bracknell is a new engineering firm which works with heavy industry to maintain, innovate, and run large scale operations. The brand we created reflects both values of sturdiness and innovation.
Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design
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